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I was testing out the system today and I tried to send a Zip file to a client computer through File Transfer. It wouldn’t allow me to. Is there a way to do that?

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We would like to clarify which ‘remote access’ application / method are you using to perform the ‘file transfer’? A screenshot (or two) can help clarify your inquiry.

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I understand that you are using File Transfer functionality via Remote Control application. We are currently in the works to support zip and folders on File Transfer, it will be coming in the next sprints.

In order to achieve zip file transfer to an endpoint, I suggest you to use File Explorer under Remote Tools on Endpoint Manager Device List view as can be seen on the attached screenshot.

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Sorry I missed this one. I am using the File Transfer application within the RMM. I use Itarian Remote Control to remote into a client computer I have on the Endpoint Manager Communication Client. Then I click on File Transfer. This is where I’m running into issues.

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We’ve created a support ticket on your behalf.
Please respond to the ticket so we can investigate the issue further.

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