Tray icon Support Tickets

Hi All

Firstly I must commend Comodo on an awesome free product. Coming from premium pay to use products whom offer the same or less functionality compared to a free product is incredible.

Secondly, I really like to have a tray icon. Especially to log support requests. However I also am a WHMCS user and would prefer to have the tickets logged via the tray icon to route to email address and not the built in ticketing system in comodo (Allows my clients to view invoices, tickets etc in one place). Is this at any chance possible?

Also I have searched the forum with no information. Is there any way to customise the tray icon to show our business logo instead of comodo?

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @geekamzo ,

Thank you for sending such kind, enthusiastic complements, We certainly appreciate your review. Your positive feedback allows us to know our efforts are appreciated and you’re enjoying our product.

Users can create a support ticket by right-clicking on the ITSM tray icon if they need help to resolve an issue. A ticket will be created in Service Desk and assigned to the selected department.

Please see this link for a quick start guide:…t-Tickets.html

  1. To submit a support ticket, right click the ITSM agent tray icon and click 'Submit ticket
  2. Click ‘Submit’.

Customized tray icon - This feature is not yet available. However, we have been informed that the implementation of the feature is on our roadmap and planned to be delivered by the end of Q3 2018.