trial sub

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been offered a lucrative contract to replace an internal IT dept. They are currently running a horrific backup system using sugarsync and would like to move them to Acronis. They have 7 servers that I need to backup - is there any way of having a trial subscription on top of my existing one in order to see how much data/cost they will be using?



Hello @msitcmatt ,

Unfortunately we do not provide a trial plan for Acronis module. You could use the post-paid to get an estimate, however this is not suitable for large backups (it will be cheaper to purchase a pre-paid subscription). Perhaps you ask them to check their SugarSync storage to see how much space they are using, so you can know how much space you need.

Yeah trouble is their sugarsync is just random files form the looks - no image based backups. Thanks for your reply.