Trouble scrolling through devices and viewing logs

I am unable to scroll through the devices, if I show 200 at a time, it goes just below the fold, and freezes. I can however, leave it like it is, and change pages and it works fine. I am using google chrome mostly, and was curious if anyone else has exhibited this issue?? I also can not get any logs to open, all I get is the three circles. Tried on several different computers, and all the different log files available.

I did find out that if I left it alone for 5-10 minutes, it would kick up and say that the service is not responding.
On a side note, how are we supposed to know which version of the communication software is the latest?? I looked at one of the systems, and it said I could update it through the install msi tab, but I am unsure it ever updated, and now the system went totally offline, and I can not get it back up, which may or may not be related to communication update, as it was having issues in itself and I was trying to ensure the software was up to date so I could use the latest update to my full advantage.


Team will investigate the issue you reported and contact with you on email to create a ticket.

For the client latest versions, you can always check ITSM - Settings - Support menu to see the latest versions.

CCC is the Comodo Client - Communication agent.



I checked the location you specified, mine only shows the server version under the details section. I also noticed that I can no longer open the patch management tab, just stays blank, I get all the errors about certain services not running for my logs, and I can not update my comodo communication client software, installed apps section give service not running error, and everything under the device section seems very slow, and I have to manually refresh a lot to get my filters to apply. You can cross out the patch management tab issue, it just took like 10 minutes to populate. I can only assume that these issues are due to the fact that my CCC version is still 6.2 something. I also clicked on the show 200 tab, from the root of a company, and it locked browser up, it did let me refresh the page, but that even errored out to a nonresponsive page, and but eventually did do a refresh. I also seem to have an issue opening the CCC software from an end point remotely, from the taskbar. It will open, but I can not see it, I can not right click and close it, or anything. I can kill it in the taskmanager, but tha’s it. I also finially found an end point with the 6.3 verion of the CCC, but I still can not open the logs, or the installed apps, or anything like that, says service not responding.