Trying Comodo One Enterprise for a non-profit

I am a finance guy working in a non-profit. I have recently renewed our mobile services contract which included 25 mobile handsets and 15 tablets. I have the choice of Apple and/or Samsung devices. My organisation have never used a MDM system and with very limited budget, I thought I should try this. I have been a CIS user for many years and have always held Comodo products in high regard. So my first question is how do I quickly enroll all 40 devices into Comodo One Enterprise? Bulk enroll is not an option since we do not have AD. My last resort is to follow the below instruction but I would rather have the option to do it quickly. Thanks.

@dreamerman ,

As of the moment, the enrollment process for Android Devices remains unchanged as mentioned in the help guide. our Product Developers are still working on a mechanism to deploy a bulk enroll process, currently under our LongTerm pipeline for roadmap delivery. We’ll gladly provide you an update of any news concerning the functionality once it becomes available on the production environment.

Thanks Jimmy