Two Factor Authentication Reset with Device Count Greater than 50

How does one reset an admin or technician’s two factor authentication when you have a device count of more than 50?

We use ITarian to manage 74 devices for our company. Over the weekend one of the people with a Technician role needed to replace their phone. Their authenticator of choice is Google Authenticator so with a replacement phone they needed to rescan their Two Factor Authentication code. In order to rescan they have to reset their Two Factor Authentication. When the Technician logs into their account → Settings → Two-Factor Authentication → Reset they were greeted with the message:

2FA can not be reset if device count is equals or more than 50.

So I logged in with the Account Admin account. Then went to Management → Staff → select Technician’s account → Reset Two-Factor Authentication → Confirm Reset and got

2FA can not be reset if device count is equals or more than 50.

Yes, the technician has their back up codes. But there are only 10 back up codes. What are they supposed to do the 11th time they need to log in?

How did a product manager not think about this scenario? I did a search for “two factor authentication reset” and did not see this issue mentioned in the resulting threads. Feel free to move this topic as it applies to all sub products I thought Portal was best.

Also there’s no mention of this device count restriction in the documentation about resetting two-factor authentication:

@scott-payzer 2FA resets on Comodo/Itarian One accounts with over 50 devices need to be done by support and I suspect L2 or L3 support rather than L1. Hope this helps.