Two or more profiles on one device? Which wins?

If I have one profile that’s associated from the group and I have one I have added manually, Which profile is it using? Or does it takes settings from both?

@ Noiden,

Both settings of the profile will take effect unless there’s a conflict on the settings you have modified against the other. The first associated profile will rule out as a priority followed by the other.

I thought the most restrictive settings took effect. How do you know what one is first ? Is it just the way They are listed in associated profiles ?

@dittoit ,

I have made a couple of tests for the profile assignment. In the image, I have assigned the latest profile as a default. You will see that the Hardened Default Profile is on the bottom of the list, profiled lower than the other default and cloned profile. I have also in the process inserted (though not appearing in the image) in between profiles, a hardened cloned profile which did not remain prioritized.

Hmm, but in my “First” profile that is associated through the group the Google Play Store is enabled but in the more hardened profile I added “manually” to the device have restricted the access to the Play Store and on the device I can’t find the Play Store, so in that case the one I added “Manually” with least priority won and what you are saying is that in my case the first profile should have won and allowed the Play Store, but that didn’t happen.

Hello @Noiden , @dittoit,

If multiple profiles are associated with the device, the most restrictive policy will be applied. For example, if a profile allows the use of camera and another restricts its use, the device will not be able to use the camera as per the ‘Most Restricted’ policy.

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