Two patch management status graphs on dashboard

On my MSP dashboard I have “Patch Management End Point Patching Status” and “ITSM End Point Patching Status”. Why is there two of them?

Most of the time the “Patch Management End Point Patching Status” graph says “Cannot be retrieved”, but when it is working it only shows the status for 3 devices.

I’m guessing I have 3 end points with an older version of Comodo Client Communication program, but I’m not sure.

@paroxy these 2 patching statuses that you see on your dashboard are different. The Patch Management End Point Patching Status belongs to the old stand alone patch management module and the ITSM Patching status is the one embedded on the ITSM portal. Since we’re moving on utilizing most features within the ITSM portal for easy access, the old patch management will soon be deprecated and its features will be migrated to the ITSM patch management for more convenient patching. You might be correct with the 3 devices having an older version. The latest would be 6.10.7608.17080 . You can check the device summary to check if the ccc of the three endpoints are outdated.