MSPs which countries are you in?

Any UK-based MSPs here, apart from me?

Working in an enterprise at the moment and thinking that i might want to become a MSP however unsure of the skill set required and what it takes to get things rolling.

Edit, also based in the UK!

I would have thought only recognised IT companies can be set up as MSP with Comodo, like most software vendors. @Ilker?

@Joners How many endpoints out of interest?

Both IT Admins and MSPs have access to C1 platform.

@melih but I expect only a recognised IT company would be eligible to purchase through a distributor like we do in the UK.

Purchase? C1 is free…
are you referring to endpoint security?

@Joners and @melih My company installs Comodo Client Security (anti virus) which is a chargeable licence from Comodo and as an MSP we purchase through a UK distributor.

I understand, thanks.

Hi @nct

We are UK based. Our office is in Hammersmith, London. Good to have other UK MSPs in the forum.

@mhberglund How many end points do you have in total on C1 and what percentage of them use Comodo Client Security?

Morning Guys.

UK Backup Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity MSP here.

I’m just a “one man band” LTD company. Came across C1 as I was looking for monitoring and remote access for our BDR’s.

I have just taken on an IT Support contract. Love the fact I can easily monitor updates making sure the are all installed and I think the monitoring and update checking played a big part of me winning the contract.
I’ve worked for Microsoft gold partner before and they don’t offer endpoint monitoring esceccialy for free!.

Yes there are a few bugs but name me any platform that is 100% I have bought licences for AEP. Again via a UK disty. Sooooo much cheaper than direct from comodo.

Cheers James.

Possibly not a good idea to post the cost price here :slight_smile:

Which disty did you use?

I’m a one man band limited company also, managing around 250 endpoints just now

Based in Scotland

I’ve sent you a private message.

UK MSP in Devon, loving the platform as it is brining together some of the opensource projects we use and contribute to into one like osTicket (ServiceDesk).