Unable to Access IT and Security Manager


I am trying to access my IT and Security Manager but when I click on licensed applications the ITSM module has a circle spinning next to it. Can anyone help me with this?

Hello @enlightenedit

The spinning circle means that the provisioning process took a bit longer for this case.
Please send us a screenshot that depicts the issue to c1-support@comodo.com that we can escalate the case to our Development Team.
Thank you.

Hello @enlightenedit

We need to see the spinning arrows on the Licensed applications please.
Also, that is the process that we need to follow in order to escalate such issues.
Do not worry as the issue will be resolved, we just kindly ask you to allow us a bit of time to get the Module provisioned for you.
If you have sent an email to the Support address, then I would advise to continue there.

I had the same issue. Emailed support and they had me working the next morning.