Unable to connect to ITSM

I am having issues connecting to ITSM from within the portal. All other services seem fine, yet when I try and get into ITSM it comes up with a logn screen and if I enter my credentials tells me I must login using the portal.

​Is there a current issue with this, and if so, do you have an ETA on resolution?

Many thanks



At the current time we are not aware of any issues with the connection to the ITSM portal, if the issue persists please send an e-mail to c1-support@comodo.com and include screenshots of the problem. Please include the time is possible in it to help us identify the event.

Can’t login to the Comodo 1 portal at all now. Have dropeed an email to support. Cheers.


Thank you for the e-mail, we have received it and will continue the conversation there.