Unable to edit existing policies in Patch Manager

I’ve created several policies for patch deployment but once created the system fails when attempting to edit them. Right now clicking on an existing policy results in your web app sitting there and spinning forever. I am using the latest Firefox on Windows 8.1


We are investigating your problem. Thanks for reporting!


It appears that once you create a policy it cannot be modified. Is that so? That does not seem to make sense. If I wanted to change the time a policy is implemented are you saying a new policy must be created? That is awkward and strange.

Yes, you need to create a new policy for now.

We are aware of this and will be addressed on future releases.


Is this still an issue to be addressed? I have tried to edit a policy after making a typo and it looks like I have to start over from scratch on agent or tag selection.

Hello @scoplin_redrock ,

Currently, a Patch Management policy can’t be edited, but please note that we are working on integrating all the patch management functionalities into ITSM.

Thank you @Dylan . Once that is done, will we be able to edit patch policies in ITSM?

Hello @scoplin_redrock ,

Yes, this feature will be added to the new Patch Management system.

Hi all,

Patch procedures and profiles are now available under ITSM. They are fully customizable, re-usable and you can edit anytime.