Unable to go to dome shield / Secure Dns Filtering configuration board

Hello i have a Dome Shield Platinum licence that i have bought , i only use it in my own pc , now when i try to go to the configuration main board of Dome Shield, i only can reach the page with my user info , user type and there is a yellow message saying that i have to buy more devices, because you detected 4 more in my network , i do not have any more pcs , i only have one with Dome connected , what i have is 3 vms with windows , in them , and they are connected to the internet with nat network at my pc , maybe this is the reason why you detect more devices.
At this moment i cant reach Dome main dashboard , to see configure it if i need so , please see what can be done to resolve this!.
I am sending a screenshot for you to see,
I have contacted support@itarian.com and i still havent any resolution feedback until now, i can´t reach the Secure Dns Filtering configuration board, and i`m very disapointed with this thank you all .

Hi @duarte236 ,

We are saddened to hear of your unresolved query. We have coordinated with Support Team to have this case looked at and provide a solution as soon as possible.