Unable to install patches


the dashboard indicates a number of patches available. when selecting the patch, the “install patch(es)” icon remains greyed out. what am i missing? i have been able to install patches in the past; however, i no longer can install patches on any of the devices.


Hello @mountaineer178 ,

Are you trying to install patches from Patch Management section directly?

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Hi, there a log to see if an uninstall patch command has been succesfully executed ?

Through the audit log on the console.

Thank you. Unfortunally that log doesn’t say if the patch has been succesfully removed or not.

You’re right, it unfortunately doesn’t if you manually install or remove a patch. I believe there is a feature request to change this.

Hello @nct ,

Yes, we have the related feature request already added on our roadmap, and currently it is mapped on our midterm (6-18 months) roadmap. I will share any update regarding this capability.

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Try using a program like ccleaner to uninstall, then clear your registry and reinstall.