Unable to log into Windows profile after installing communication client

Have a weird one here. After I install the ITarian communication client on a computer - it tells me the computer will reboot after 5mins. After the reboot I am brought to a Windows 10 splash screen where I would typically press CTRL+ALT+DEL to reach the log in screen. After pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL on my keyboard, the screen looks like it’s going to load the following screen with username/password but instead nothing loads. I am able to duplicate this issue on any new computer I try to add. I’ve opened a ticket with ITarian but am curious if anyone else has ran into this issue before.

update - looks like the issue is the comodo security client that is causing the issue. when I enroll the device but don’t select the protection all is well and I am able to log into the computer.

What release of W10 are you running?