Unable to login to COMODO Remote Control

I am unable to login to COMODO Remote Control. I get this message “There is no user with this email/login in the system. Please try again.” I am using the correct credentials.

Please advise.

Thank you

Hi @chris3
If you signed up for Comodo through one.comodo.com please choose the EU region for the dropdown.
Prior to our US server launch, users that have signed up for Comodo through one.comodo.com have all been using the EU server. The US server, one-us.comodo.com, was recently launched with our latest update this Dec 23, 2017.

That was it! Thank you! Will I always need to use the EU server?

@chris3, since you’ve signed up on one.comodo.com, your account will be using the EU server. Should you like to switch to the US server, kindly send a request to c1-support@comodo.com.

This should not be a option for the client. It should however be a setting when a person signs up or a feature of Comodo to “detect” which land mass the client originates from. To say one.comdo.com is in the EU. I would have expected it to be .eu or .uk.co (where it its physical location is). Again if you had the proper technology in place this could be avoided.

Dude this shouldn’t be a feature. Back in 2008 I was working with a company who was using the services of a huge DNS BRPG company in the states that could direct the traffic accordingly to the server farms based on where the original connection was being made. Big companies like Walmart were already using this technology and still use to this day. So it’s nothing new. It just takes some common business sense. People from Canada and the US shouldn’t be appearing on your EU users if they hit one.comodo.com, you should be directing the traffic to your North American server farm. It avoids people asking to be switched to the USA servers.


Hello @smoothrunnings,

Comodo strives to deliver the needs of the MSPs and had continued to do this even more as we have moved in an urgent momentum to put stability across in all components. Our developers are working round the clock in giving resolutions to reported issues and will continue do so. We will do all we can to resolve the matter you have reported.

Please also note that C1 accounts that were created prior to our US server launch have all been using the EU server that is why by default the server is in Europe.

Since @chris3 signed up on one.comodo.com, his account will be using the EU server.

Moving forward, for US server, clients should sign-up through one-us.comodo.com.

@smoothrunnings, we appreciate you sharing your ideas with us. We will add this description to the request so that our Product Development team can grasp the full idea of the usage of signing-up to C1 using the servers. We’ll be glad to send any updates to who shared thoughts in making this to fruition.

Thank you for your usual support.

What is the benefit of using the US vs EU?

Hello @pcxperts
This all boils down to network latency (and geography).

If you are based in North America and you are managing endpoints within this area, it will be better that your account be hosted in the US as any query/request sent from the US-based ITSM server does not need to cross the Atlantic Ocean (and then go back). (Exceptions would be for managed endpoints in Hawaii, Alaska, etc.)

If you are based in NA but mainly managing endpoints outside (in EU, Asia, Oceania, etc.), it will be up to you to test which server region would best fit your needs.

Hello @smoothrunnings ,

Thank you very much for your feedback regarding ‘US-EU’ auto-fill. I worked with the development team and this will be handled automatically by C1 platform as you suggested. Also we’ll leave the option to the user to change region in case they have multi-region - different C1 accounts.

‘US-EU auto-fill’ is scheduled to be available for June release. As team is working very hard to get the browser based File Explorer (as the first release within File Transfer) that will be available in May, as well as remote tools that will be available in June; this is the earliest timeline that I could get from the team.

Your feedbacks are extremely valuable to the CRC product team as this product is solely build for YOU and YOUR improvement, feature ideas as well as concerns will only make this product better.

Looking forward to your feedbacks continually.

Best Regards,

Product Manager, CRC

Hello all,

US-EU store auto-fill functionality will be released in July per the feedbacks from development team.