Unable to logon to ITSM or the C1 portal

the hour glass keeps spinning and no connectivity. We get 505 error or Network TimeOut error.
Anyone else experiencing this problem.
It is happening more and more frequently in the last month and we need to support our clients.

Thanks for any feedback

remote tool not working for me? Im in the portal though.

@Ilker @melih What’s happening?

To everyone:
As of this posting, there is indeed an issue with accessing the C1 portal. The developers are currently working on resolving this situation. No details yet on how long it will take for it to be resolved but rest assured that this is of the utmost priority.

I was in earlier, now I’m out and can’t get back in. I would like to know what is causing these rolling outages. It should be part of standard reporting I think.

To everyone:
The issue with the C1 access earlier lasted for about an hour and, as of this posting, is accessible and is working normally. If anyone still has difficulty logging in to the C1 portal or the modules therein not loading (502 Bad Gateway, etc.), please do not hesitate to contact us here in the forums or through c1-support@comodo.com