unable to remote to Server 2008 32bit

In my system (about 160 devices) I have some servers with Windows 2008 standard 32bit.
When install the Communication Client (.msi package) I have to manually register the CC in my account (for other platforms the authentication was automatic).
Then I see the device in device list, I obtain informations, I can send tickets from the server etc,
but when I try to remote to the server (in profile “Ask user, wait and allow access (waiting time is shown below) 5 seconds”),
I obtain a long “checking target connection”
and then “target is offline or inaccessible” or, sometimes “connection rejected…”
Last to say I can remote to other servers (with newest OS) in the same networks.
Maybe SRV2008x86 is a too old system to remote to?
thank you.

@stefanoradam ,

We apologize to hear your reported issue. As of the current build, here are the supported Server environments we cater,

Windows ( Server Editions )

Windows Server 2003 R2
Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2019

Usual issues that might appear on supported systems similar to the error you aforementioned is

Agent prompts port/host/token:

Expired Bulk Installation package (file more than 90 days )
Bulk Install file had been modified (renamed, etc)

Remote Control issues:

Unsupported Systems
Company Firewall blocks Comodo Ips and /or ports: EU - US
3rd Party software that might prevent remote connection

thank you for answer,

  1. I’ll try to reinstall agent with a new-generated bulk,
  2. There isn’t software on those old servers, they’re up just for Microsoft AD services, backups, that’s all

I’ll report the results…
Thanx again!

@stefanoradam ,

We thank you for your response. We will wait for the tests of your results. :slight_smile:

I can confirm the problem in Server 2008 standard 32bit.
After clean install of a fresh new communication module the server is able to comunicate to cloud, but remote tools fails.
Long “checking target connection” and then “target is offline or inaccessible” or, sometimes “connection rejected…”
Luckly there are a little very old machines like that!