Unable to reset my Comodo One Portal login password

What is the problem? Cannot reset Comodo One Portal password.
How did you try to reset it? Logged into my account - settings - did NOT work. Clicking on forgot password did NOT work.
What is the error message? “you are not allowed to change your password from comodo One portal”
This was reported to the support team but I’m yet to get any solution to this issue.
Case has already been logged.

I hope someone can look into this case for me and apply a fix.

Hi @synergyit,

We already have our specialists looking into this issue. We’ve already sent an email to your Comodo registered email after our conversation over the phone earlier.

We apologize for the challenge this has brought you.

Thank you for your patience.

I`ve just used the reset option and it works.

Not working for me either password and information hasn’t changed. I can’t login in the ONE portal, my accounts partner portal, or anything that shares that login. When I attempt to change I get an error, then go to the reset page putting in a order number and admin e-mail and error again trying to reset… This is concerning.

Hi @evoitco
We have created a ticket for you to address your C1 login issue. We will give you more updates through email.

We apologize for this inconvenience and we thank you for your patience.

Thanks Rick, I submitted a ticket through the e-mail address provided which showed to e-mail passwordreminder@comodogroup.com , had to create a support account but it opened the ticket for SSL and that’s the only option.

Good to know you got a ticket going on this, looking forward to e-mail follow ups so I can get back in business. Thanks!