Unable to uninstall CCS via Control Panel


Having issues uninstalling Comodo One Client - Security program from our Windows 10 64 bit machine.
In Windows we go to Control Panel find the program then click on Uninstall. It prompts us ‘Are you sure?’ We click Yes
Then it prompts if we want to allow comodo to make changes to the computer. We click Yes.
We then get a box saying Please wait while Windows configures Comodo
This screen then vanishes and the Comodo One Client Security program is still present in the Uninstall list and you can click on it again to go through the same procedure.

I’ve already removed this machine from ITSM and uninstalled the other ITSM modules (I want to reinstall due to some issues with the RMM module :rolleyes:)

On another note do you have links to or can you provide a separate stand alone uninstaller for the Comodo One products in the Tools section?

Many thanks in advance.

Hello @matthell

We will contact you via email in regards to this issue and assist you accordingly.

Thanks @Ethan et al! I managed to work out the issues I was having with the RMM by doing a reinstall and leaving One Client security as it was. For anyone else having issues uninstalling it please post to the forums and they will send you a link to a stand alone uninstall program that should get rid of it. @Ethan would you be able to put this uninstall program under the ‘tool set’ section of Comodo One interface so people have access to it as and when they need it?

Hello @matthell

Unfortunately I do not have that kind of access, but I will forward it as a Feature Request to the team.
We will get back to you as soon as we have an update.

Hi @matthell

I am glad that your issue resolved.

In general, we don’t need the separate uninstall tool to remove the agents. General Windows uninstaller does the job for all of them. Only on certain problematic cases, this tool becomes handy but if you already see it, it is very powerful and can remove almost anything on the disk :slight_smile: so, not that safe for public distribution. That is why we prefer to offer it when needed and under the supervision of support team for now.

We are always here to support you whenever you need us.

Best regards,

I am having this issue now as well. On some of my clients, CCS stops functioning properly and cannot uninstall. On one install, I attempted to remove it by force by deleting the program folders and manually removing every instance of it in the registry, but now, when I go to reinstall, its gives me a “Installation failed (1603 - A fatal error occurred during installation.)” in the MSI installation state. Meaning it’s still present in some hidden location and will not allow it to be reinstalled.

I would appreciate some help with this. Either a tool to clean the remainder of the install or other locations for me to delete/remove.

The uninstall issue is a massive BUG, there are only two ways to remove CCS v10 (Comodo Client Security): -

  1. Run the uninstaller, but while this is trying and looks like it has stopped trying killing Comodo services with a task killer. Sometimes works but not always.
  2. Only method we now use. The CCS removal tool. All my engineers have this on USB and do this only, might need a couple reboots but works.

Please @Ilker , get this added to the C1 tools list as it is a major problem; and people cannot wait 20 minutes to get an email from support to get a simple tool to aid their clients.

I fully understand you do not want this public so anyone can download and use, this tool is very powerful and can cause major damage if used wrong.

Hello @StrobeTech ,

Thank you for the feedback.
I will forward the idea to our development team for further analysis.

Kind Regards,

I have similar issues. Client security is not fully running and won’t open, comes up with an error at boot time saying that it can’t start, although it can be seen as a process. Diagnostics says there are no errors. Have tried uninstalling and the installer just hangs. Have tried removing from Comodo One Devices and the device was deleted but the software is still on the PC. I now need to completely remove the client security so that I can hopefully re-install.

Can anyone help with either an uninstaller or detailed removal instructions.

Thanks in advance, John

Hi @computerlifeline

Thank you for letting us know the issue that you are dealing with. We will be creating a Support Ticket to assist you with your concern. Please feel free to reply once received.

@computerlifeline ,

Thank you for making yourself available for the remote session and we’re glad that we’re able to resolve the report you made about CCS. Should you have any queries please send us an email @ c1-support@comodo.com and we’ll make sure to attend to your concern as soon as possible.