Unable to uninstall programs from End Point

Hi, does anyone succefully uninstall endpoints applications from “Device List / Endpoint /Software Inventory” ? I’ve trying to unistall different applications like CClear/ANydesk/etc without success. Most of the Uninstallation logs show the message “Error while downloading files for CCleaner or Anydesk etc”. I don’t understand why it is required to download a program already installed to uninstallation it. In a particular case the Unistallation log shows the off message “Software operation for Istanza istanza1 di AD LDS in progress”. Note that that endpoint is an workgroup enviroment. Any idea ? Thanks

please note that I cant edit ,delete my posts or insert screenshots due to the forum problem of rich text editor not being loaded.

@datalink This is a known problem and fixed in this week’s release.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue of the inability to uninstall apps from software inventory.

Ah ok, thanks, I didn’t note it.

Ps: now the dorum rich text editor is working again.