Unable to update C.C.S to the latest version

Hello i have tried to update CCS to the latest version through the portal but the comand isnt working , i have tried in two different devices that i have , running the other version but the update doen´t get there , do i have to uninstall the other version manualy? does someone know why this could be happening? thank you!

It’s been withdrawn due to issues… there is a post about it on the forum also notification in the ITarian portal

This is the relevant info… https://forum.itarian.com/forum/products/endpoint-protection/33811-rollback-of-comodo-client-security-v11-2-0-7313

Do not try and deploy this new version of CCS as it should not be available and it causes lots of various network errors.

Thank you for your kind info , i have rolled back to the old version in 3 of my endpoints that had the new version , thank you again!