Unable to use Comodo Remote Control

Has anyone else been unable to use CRC? I am directing this mainly at older users of the system that have previously had either the patch management or RMM modules installed. I have roughly 400 endpoints that I’m using to test the Comodo platform and 204 of them are showing offline in CRC even though they are online in the web interface. There is some correlative evidence that this is related to endpoints that have upgraded from previous versions where either patch management or RMM was installed. Needless to say this is a complete mess. Support has taken me through the basic troubleshooting steps (#XAF-117-33210) but have been really unable to provide me with any good answers. I’m hoping some other MSP has experienced this and can help.


Hi @easterntech50
Concerning the seemingly offline endpoints in CRC even though they show as online in the ITSM portal, there might be an issue between the ITSM client and the ITSM portal. Please do check the short discussion about a sort of similar situation: Blue or Green dot on the ITSM portal