"Unavailable" on 95% of clients

Hi Guys,

Keep getting “unavailable” on 95% of machines (it’s not a connection issue - already confirmed).

Any ideas on this as it’s impacting our service as we can’t remote onto clients.


Hello @bluemouseit ,

The RMM agents on the endpoints should be able to communicate with the RMM Server (Console) and show as Online.
Could you please try and restart one of these unavailable endpoints, wait for it to reboot then check to see whether it shows as Online in the RMM Console?

I won’t be able to reboot now until the user is infront of machine tomorrow…

I also have issues with “unavailable” endpoints. On some of these endpoints the TightVNC service is not running. I have not manually made any changes.

Hello @mhberglund ,

Please email c1-support@comodo.com and attach the RMM Agent logs. First navigate to C\Program Files (x86)\COMODO\Rmm Agent Service or C\Program Files\COMODO\Rmm Agent Service then edit dbg_config.ini: change Level=7 to Level=15 and collect the logs from C:\Program Files (x86)\COMODO\Rmm Agent Service\logs or C:\Program Files\COMODO\Rmm Agent Service\logs
We will get back to you in the same ticket. Thank you.

I have been in this boat for a couple weeks now, makes doing my job very difficult… I hope they get it figured out soon, as it is a major issue, when someone calls, has an issue, and you have to have them reboot, and maybe it will come up maybe it will not come up. Makes us look very unprofessional. Things like this could get a person fired, or make someone lose a contract.

Hello @BOSS ,

This is a high priority issue and is currently under investigation. Our teams are doing the best to have this fixed as soon as possible.
We will get back to you with any updates as soon as possible.
We apologize for any inconvenience this might have created.


We have been informed that the problem has been fixed in the latest version of the RMM agent. To force update the agent on the machines you will have to force the agents to connect to the dashboard and you can do that by simply rebooting the unavailable endpoints or by restarting the Comodo LPSLauncherEX service (CLPSLauncherEx). In some rare cases, you might have to reboot the computer twice (or restart the service twice) in order to fix the issue.

I can confirm that my agents have been stable for the last 12-16 hours. Great job guys, thanks, this makes our jobs a lot better!!

OK guys, I just wanted to follow up, again. As far as for me, my console and other RMM Features seem to be working better than they have in a long time, Thanks a lot, if it continues to run like this, I may get some stuff done, great job.

Hello @BOSS

Thank you for your feedback. Please do let us know if you encounter any other issue or questions.

One way or the other, we will fix all the bugs and give you the best platform to run your business and do it for free! We are here for you!