Undefined Error?

Hello all,

I am having an issue with the remote support software I have tried this on 3 computers at different locations and all seem to be having the same issue. I am trying to login to my remote control by itarian and everytime I try to login to see my list of devices I always get an undefined error and cannot login to my account.

Is there anyway round this or to resolve this please? Or is this a known issue? I have only been experiencing this for the past month since recent updates to the software.

Many thanks

Hi @onetechnician

We will be creating a support ticket for you in order to investigate this issue further.

With best regards

@DaveHD , I am also having issues with the new remote tool, sure would like to see the old RMM tool back up, I used it for a back up. I have had the issue on more than 3 systems though. I can force reboot, then can usually log in for a while, but many time can not log in again, until after I reboot again.

Hello @BOSS - We’ve created a ticket on your behalf. Please respond to the email our support team sent you so we can assist you with your concern with the remote tool.

Thanks, I have to set that email server back up, so I will let you know when I have it up, as I have not got any emails to that account since Feb 26th.