Uninstall comodo clients ( ITSM agent and Security client )


Please use below simple script to uninstall comodo clients.


  1. Run the script as system user
  2. Computer will be auto restarted after running the script
  3. Execution logs will not appear in the ITSM portal as ITSM client being uninstall

import os

Dim sCmd1
Dim sCmd2
Dim sCmd3
Dim WshShell

On Error Resume Next

sCmd1="wmic product where name=""COMODO Client - Communication Updater"" call uninstall"

sCmd2="wmic product where name=""COMODO Client - Communication"" call uninstall"

sCmd3="wmic product where name=""COMODO Client - Security"" call uninstall"

Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

WshShell.Run sCmd1,0, True

WScript.Sleep 10

WshShell.Run sCmd2,0, True

WScript.Sleep 20

WshShell.Run sCmd3,0, True

with open(temp+r'\uninstall.vbs',"wb") as f :

print os.popen('cscript.exe "'+temp+'\uninstall.vbs"').read()

20170409-Uninstall-comodo-clients-(ITSM-and-Security-clients).json (1.22 KB)