Uninstall Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent

I need a Script to uninstall Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent, but I have already consulted the scripts here in the community and none apply to this Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent installation.
Its installation location is “C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent”
Thanks to anyone who can help me.

Hi @mmoraes

Have you tried any of the generic uninstallation scripts?

  1. Script to Uninstall Msi Application

  2. Uninstall MSI programs using WMIC tool

We use the first one very often, it usually works for applications installed with an MSI and also for most applications installed with an MSI-wrapped-EXE.

Worth trying, I think.

Hope it will help. Have a nice weekend!
– Javier Llorente