uninstall workstation software remotely from inventory software list of computer

being able to view the list of software inventory on a workstation and have the option to UNINSTALL software from that computer by simply slelcting that software and clicking uninstall button.

@technotronix ,

We thank you for your suggestion. A similar idea had been requested before, that caters an “uninstall option in Software Inventory ITSM”. Projected timeline release of this option is Q2 2018. We’ll be glad to provide you news and updates about this feature functionality via support email. Thank you for contributing to the Comodo Community!

thank you very much for the reply, sorry to request something that you already working on,
is there a way i can see the milestone list or the timeline releases list, this way i wont ask for something you already working on, please post the link if available for us as i have looked for it and didnt find, thank you very much.

@technotronix ,

As of the moment, we do not have a public corner for the Product Developers Roadmap. Timeline releases and staging tests for features that will be released on production are subject to change very often. However, you can view some of the current features voted by other MSPs here https://one.comodo.com/voting/login.php (you can use your Comodo One credentials for accessing the link).