Uninstalling apps

When you look at the software inventory of a particular device you have the ability to uninstall a program. Let’s say I wanted to uninstall Malwarebytes. I check the box and say uninstall. Then in minutes on the remote device it pops up all the uninstall questions an requires user input

Instead, if I use the predefined script that is installed in the EM called “Uninstall Malwarebytes” will it do this silently or will it still require user input?

According to what’s in the script, @Fred, it will perform a silent uninstall of MBAM and will not prompt for a restart (even though it is needed most of the time). It is stated on line 16 of the script.

The great thing about the uninstall command is that if a user no long wants a program you can send the command the they get a popup which I believe is UAC passed meaning they can do next next to remove without you logging on etc.

A script is great as an admin to remove unwanted apps slightly