Uninstalling CCS - not working and poor support.

Need to uninstall the CCS but not the rest like CCC.

Contacted support.
told to use script.
Script does not work.

Response is run a different script but it removes much more, dont want that…
Or I could contact support and have them make another script.

This is getting a bit dumb when Comodos own script does not work and the suggestion is to request a new script to be created.
why do I need to request Comodo to have their own scripts updated and working, isnt this what they should do on their own?
Am I expecting too much when I expect this portal to work with the scripts they created for their own software?

Why wouldnt support handle this when they find scripts NOT working. Why do they send this back to their customer for the customer to contact someone else to fix their own scripts?

My experience with the comodo scripts so far has been that many of them simply does not work.
They dont update them or remove them and thats not really acceptable.
We shouldnt have to guess on what works or not, and we shouldnt have to request to have them fixed when support figures out its not working. Thats should be on their end.

@smartcloud ,

We understand that these provided scripts have provided unsuccessful results. We are currently trying to replicate the steps you have performed on several machines. Can you please utilize these in the meantime to remove CCS.

download.comodo.com/cis/download/installs/ciscleanuptool/CisCleanupTool_x64_2.0.0.3.exe 64-bit
download.comodo.com/cis/download/installs/ciscleanuptool/CisCleanupTool_x86_2.0.0.3.exe 32-bit

We’ve forwarded your report to our Script Developers to review these procedures. We’ll get a feedback from their results and recommendation as soon as possible.

Hey Jimmy,

So your own scripting tools are not working so we have to do this manually?

Why do we see so much of this type of problems with the platform?

Hello @smartcloud
May we ask if you customized the name of the CCS on your clients’ endpoints (through the ‘CCC and CCS Application UI Settings’ section of the associated Profile)?

If yes, we suggest that you either edit one of the scripts provided to you and look for the line below (I believe it’s line 26):

blacklist=r’COMODO Client - Security’

Replace the word ‘Comodo’ with the custom name. For example, if the custom name is SmartCloud, the line will become:

blacklist=r’SmartCloud Client - Security’

Then save, review, approve, and run the script.


Temporarily restore the default name of the CCS in the ‘CCC and CCS Application UI Settings’ section. Run the script. Once CCS has been removed from the target endpoints, restore back the custom name that you were using before.