Uninstalling Mcafee Agent and Virus Scan

I noticed this script when I was looking through my pre-installs. When I get a client with a new computer that has McAfee pre-installed, the only way I can remove it is to download the McAfee Removal Tool. Is this script basically the same thing? Will it remove all remnants or just do the windows Uninstall function?

Hello @Fred

Below are the 2 Predefined Procedures on our portal to Uninstall Mcafee Agent and they both do not have the Mcafee removal tool:

  • Uninstall McAfee agent program using the .bat file
  • Uninstalling Mcafee Agent and Virus Scan

You may use the script below to uninstall Mcafee viruscan enterprise and Mcafee agent using Mcafee removal tool:

Refer to this wiki link on “How to Import a procedure and execute it”: https://wiki.itarian.com/frontend/web/topic/how-to-import-a-procedure-and-execute-it