Unsolicited Invoice

I AM EXTREAMLY ANGRY . Happy to pay the invoice when its only $28.60 (USD) for the month but you have charged my creditcard over $700 (AUD)… Have sent a email .

Can go use GoTo for half that price and in AUD too… so much for your Free forever promise…

Hi @peterh

I’m sorry to hear your having issues with the billing of ITarian.

The costings you’re stating on here make it sound like you have not seen the new licensing email communication or forum posts.

ITarian has had made three big changes to the licensing which are: -

  • Removed the 50 devices free
  • Removed the cost neutral license when you purchase Xcitium Client Security
  • Added a new ITarian Essential license

The new pricing for ITarian can be found here

You will see that we give the ITarian Essential (initial name being “Basic”) license away free, and that this gives you access to the Portal (PSA) as well as Service Desk (SD) and Remote Control (RC) [Soon to be known as Remote Desktop (RD)]. These free products are already $35.00 per computer a month cheaper than GoToMyPC for their personal subscription.

If I look at the Coporate GoToMyPC license at $28.00 per computer per month, we offer a similar if not same feature set across the following licenses: -

  • ITarian Essential @ $0.00
  • ITarian Device @ $1.25 per device
  • Xcitium Client Security @ $2.65 per device

Total per computer per month is $3.90 verses GoToMyPC of $28.00.

I could not see any AUD on the site as an option to try and compare.

OK, I have been looking around more and I see LogMeIn Central and other products have been purchased / merge with GoToMyPC to make GoTo.

The Standard license of Resolve (GoTo’s RMM) which is for 3 agents and 100 devices is $239 or A$327. Looking at our offering for the same number of devices but unlimited agents is $115 which converted is A$171.93.

I’m not sure why you have been invoiced for A$700, but this is obviously an error that the team will look at and resolve from the email you say you have already raised with them.

If I have missed anything on the comparison on the products in my exploration of your issue, I would be grateful if you could point me in the right direction; but currently I do not see how you can get them for half of our cost.

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Thankyou for the reply,
After further investigation have found the information passed onto me about the costs charged to the credit card were incorrect and must apologies for my Rant. Further after investigations and a bit of pushing the “free” offering was explained and we have changed to that now. My only advise after this is please clearly mark what currency you accept payments in as you are an international company where as im only local guy in Australia.
Again Please accept my apology for my rant.


Hi @peterh

thank you for coming back on her and updating us, take a lot to what you just did and I personally 100% apricate it.

Hopefully moving forward, we can try and meet your needs in full.

If you do have any features you want to see please use the feedback link at the top of the forums to let us know.

I suggest to show in “License Management > Bill Forecast” area also the single and total costs the msp will have in next invoice. That will help to avoid surprise. This is a feature I found testing another RMM and I think it is very useful to take under control the costs based on the features the msp decided to activate.

Hi @datalink

Please add this to our https://feedback.itarian.com/ system and we shall look at this for you.


Too many changes in names and prices created big confusion in my opinion. I suggest to align all the names and prices. For example If I login into the Itarian store to insert credit card info, I find as product “Endpoint standard edition” starting at 2.55$. What is the standard edition and that price? Why can’t I simple see “Itarian Device” and “Xcitium Client Security” with the price showed above?

Hi @datalink

The screen you are referring to was missing during the changes and is in the works to correct to solve to confusion.