Unsolicited Invoice

Can anyone on here help me I’m trying to get hold of support. I raised a support ticket 8 hours ago with no response, left a message on the support phone number as it went straight to answerphone.

I’m an MSP, who tried out itarinan in Jan 2021 decide it wasn’t for us, deleted the clients and informed the sales agent. We wouldn’t be taking up a subscription.

You can imagine my surprise when today I receive an invoice for 11 agents. Physically can’t login to the interface as 2 form authentication was not setup on the account as it wasn’t used at the time.

Trying to get hold of anyone seems to be impossible. My initial thoughts was it was a scam, but looking at the announcements on here, it looks like they changed their charging policy.

Extremely unprofessional to attempt to charge dormant accounts which should have been shut down by their own team without any forewarning

Hi @defrostphone

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Unfortunately, we have lots of accounts on our platform that people keep open to keep tabs on what we are doing and more. Due to this we cannot identify the accounts that should or should on be invoiced.

Have you sent an email to support@itarian.com for help on this?


I have emailed support@itarian.com about the issue and got assigned TICKET: 4822053. After 6 hour I phoned +1 (973) 383-2690 as I’m in the UK and left a message. Any help you could give in getting someone to response to my ticket would be gratefully received.

I checked my emails and the last contact from itarian before this morning’s invoice was on 16 March 2021 from the sales rep asking about our decision.

I could understand that if the account was being accessed regularly, but our account hasn’t been accessed since March 2021. Therefore to invoice such an account seems very surprising. Most companies, if they are charging for a once free service, would disable accounts which have not been accessed for say over a year to avoid this type of issue.

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Hi @defrostphone

I have raised this with the sales and support team for you. As this forum has the requirements and ticket information, I have pointed them here to get them started in helping you.

Thanks for your help

I just got a bill for SOCaaP licenses even though I had removed all my endpoints a month ago. I have nothing enrolled yet I am still getting charged. Please fix this.

Hi @minntech

If you send the details to support@itarian.com they can make sure all devices are removed and invoice refunded

Hi there,

I’ve emailed support about the same issue, but haven’t received a reply. Could you have a look into this for me?


Hi @jwu56

Please PM me your email address and I shall pass it on.

Hi @RT-AMS-ITarian, thanks for your quick response! I tried sending you a PM, but it said that I was not allowed to.

This is the fourth working day without any contact from Support regarding the unsolicited invoice. Even though I sent two emails, telephoned, and posted on the forum.

After logging into my dashboard over the weekend, I was able to see what I had been charged. They were charging for clients that had not been active for 18 months, as well as virtual test machines that had been wiped instead of uninstalled.

In my opinion, sending out unsolicited invoices and not responding to queries pertaining to them is extremely unprofessional business practice.

Could you please close down my account completely and confirm that the invoice has been cancelled as I requested in my support ticket. Despite not having requested the service, we were invoiced for a product we had tried out 18 months earlier for free

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Please PM me you details so I can chase for you

We were using only the endpoint manager, NO antivirus.

I mentioned that we got a bill over 100 USD for under 30 devices ( actually, 26 devices) which makes no sense under the old invocing system or the new one and your reply was rude and rushed to close the topic.

Here is your answer: Itarian Billing Model Change - 2022 - General Announcements - ITarian Forum
A final slap in the face of a potential client.

Please, close this topic like the last time. With this kind of customer support, there is no wonder the users are closing the accounts and migrating asap.

Same thing here, trying to contact support for been charged for Licenses that I’ve never added to the account, they just don’t answer the phone, this is a very unprofessional way to do business, I need my account to be refunded or I will have to call my bank to charge you guys back.Subscription ID: d342bbf46e

I’ve received a Teams meeting or phone call invitation from Karla De Castro - Outside Account Executive to provide support on 10/28/22 at 1:15PM PST she never showed up and left me waiting for a phone call, her voicemail is FULL. Are you guys planing to be out of business soon? I need someone to call me to resolve my issue and refund me $182.50 otherwise I will have to request a charge back from the bank.
Subscription ID: d342bbf46e

Can someone please contact me also regarding the same issue - ticket #4828472 - extremely frustrated being charged for something I haven’t authorised - been waiting days for a reply.

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You will have and will continue to lose customers if you continue to operate like this. Once this invoice has been refunded I’ll be closing my account.

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Hi @nephilim5070,

Sorry that you feel I was rude in the referenced post, but I can promise you that was not intended and after re-reading it the post was emotionless and simply factual.

In regards to your billing issue, have you raised this with support and got a ticket reference back?

I know support has been extremely busy due to issues with the platform, billing problems and other things which has slowed responses over the last week. Due to this their has been a dedicated resource added to deal with just billing problems so please get a quicker response.

If you can PM me your email address and ticket number I can speak to support about this and see what is going on.

The closing the post action was done due to the posts going off topic, lots of repeated posts making it had to get straight answers and help to people, so we asked you all to open forum posts based on dedicated questions in stead to help you better.

Hopefully this reply will help you better this time.


Hi @fernandpm

I’m sorry to hear Karla was unable to attend I have been working with Karla closely for the last week going over issues, demos and other things.

I will raise this with Karla now to make sure you are helped correctly.


Dear All,

If you are have billing issues, please can I ask that you raise a support ticket so your information is logged in the system.

To make it easier for us to find and catalogue could you please use the subject line of
“ITarian Billing - Incorrect Over Usage Bill”

If you do not get a response within 48 hours please PM me your ticket reference and your email address and I shall get this resolved.