Unstall software from within the ITSM console

How can you uninstall/remove a software from within ITSM. I do not see how to do this from within the Software Inventory tab within the workstation. This use to be able to be done via the old RMM tools. This would not be a good script as the software needing to be unistalled would not necessarily be the same every time. When you are looking through the software inventory, you should have the option to uninstall the program. Removing unapproved software.

Am I missing this feature or does it need to be created?

Hi @rmorton
There is already an existing feature request for adding an ‘Uninstall’ action in the ITSM’s Software Inventory section. The feature is slated for a Q2 2018 release.

While waiting for it, you can currently utilize the scripts that are already available in the Library of Automation Procedures. Please do check the linked scripts below:

Uninstall an Application Using GUID

Uninstall MSI programs using WMIC Tool

Procedure to Uninstall the List of Programs

This script here is not for uninstalling programs but may be of use to you.
Generates the alert if any software is uninstalled, installed or updated