Upcoming Features - Merging Tickets

Hello everyone,

We aim to get your feedback even on the design phase of the features. This way, we want to include you to new features from beginning to the end of the cycle.

Thus, now we are sharing the initial behaviors of merging tickets that we want to implement in the near future.
Some of you are already willing to see the feature of merging tickets. You could reach the details from the attachment on this topic.

This feature will be the start for relations of the tickets. If you have any feedback on merging tickets, please let us know using this topic. We are really excited to hear your voice to improve Service Desk and Comodo ONE.

If you liked the idea of merging tickets, use below link to vote for it. We want to hear your opinions. If anything comes up, please inform us!



MergeTickets.pdf (510 KB)

Is there any update on this feature?
It looks good from the PDF but I can’t any merging features in the services desk.
Has this feature been released?



Hi @dbettens, this feature is still on the road map. We have added you on the list, so you will be informed should there be any update on the said feature. Thanks.

Just to add to this would it be possible to merge duplicate tickets automatically. i.e. same device, same error, same organisation - add to ticket rather than create a new one… mainly thinking about alert tickets/monitoring here to help avoid duplication.

@dbettens ,

As of the moment, this feature is still being developed by our Product Developers. Expected release date is 2018Q2. We’ll gladly provide you an update once this functionality arrives production environment

If your profiles are configured correctly for alerts then this should already be happening.

I have been looking for a way to merge tickets. Is this still in the works?

Hello @hdcmaine
Yes, ticket merging is definitely in the works. It is scheduled for a Q3 2018 release (or possibly even earlier).

This feature is sorely needed. Please update. Thanks!

@vegaone ,

We will certainly do.

Update please

@dbettens , @hdcmaine , @vegaone , @Bootstrapper,

We apologize for the delay. This feature functionality had been pushed back on the Road Map due to some technical modifications. Short-Term Adjustments (around 3-6 months or sooner) is still being drafted. We’ll provide an update once finalizations had been made for delivery. @Bootstrapper We’ll send you a notification email to keep you updated as well.

Hello everyone!

I’m the product manager of Service Desk and I’m happy to say that ticket merging feature will be available at the end of this year. I would like to show you how we developed the idea and get your feedback. Please kindly send me an email so that we can discuss in detail.



To cut down on the number of subjects in the forum, and to know what is being worked on/addressed, is there a road-map we can view with items and “expected dates”? I know you are leery about putting actual lock down dates as this item itself got pushed out 3-6 months, but it would still be helpful to have some kind of information to look at.

@NickD ,

We understand how our MSPs are eager to see the roadmap availability be made in public. As of the moment Our Product Teams are still under discussion on this request. Since the Roadmap is an everchanging timeline of activities, the only thing constant is improvement. If all goes smoothly, we can make it happen within a midterm target 6-12 months. We’ll keep you notified of any news concerning this request. The voting page is the closest that we have as of now. you can access it using your Comodo One credentials.