Update antivirus database for servers that are always offline

Hi there. There are some critical servers that are connected only on local network and are not supposed to be facing the public network like AD server, and servers hosting local applications. How do we update the antivirus database engine seeing they will never ever see the internet? Also how can they be managed?

Hi @chales ,

Antivirus update and scan status of the ITSM can be viewed through ITSM → SECURITY SUB-SYSTEMS → Antivirus.This feature enables the admin to keep track Antivirus and scan details are performing regularly on the local user machine as per the request.

Please refer to this link: https://c1forum.comodo.com/forum/products/other-comodo-products/comodo-device-management/wiki-faq-how-to/10319-how-to-check-antivirus-update-status-and-scan-statuses-that-are-run-locally#post10319

Jordans response doesnt seem to be what you are looking for, an offline updater right?

C1’s solution’s all rely on being connect to the internet, for this reason it probably isnt what you want if those servers. Comodo do offer an offline updater for their endpoint security manager. See https://help.comodo.com/topic-84-1-163-1490-.html

Im guessing that you would want the following type of setup, Comodo Endpoint Manager (or similar locally hosted AV management console) installed to a local server which has internet connectivity.The server pulls the updates and manages the policy, in turn those isolated servers connect to the Endpoint Manager software and pull their updates and policy from that.