Update antivirus definitions manually

Is it possible to update the antivirus definitions manually on a machine that isnt connected to the internet by either downloading them from the comodo website on a machine that is connected to the internet, or by copying them off a machine that has a upto date antivirus?

Yes, it is possible, @marknsg. You may want to review the code in this script about manually updating CCS on how to achieve what you are inquiring about.

Hi appologies for the delay i am only just getting around to looking at this properly, how do i run python scripts on a laptop? or is there a way to convert them to a script that would work in powershell or command prompt.

These laptops are completely offline with no access to the internet, so i need to be able to download the program updates and virus definitions on a internet connected machine save the files to a pen drive and then load the updates onto the offline machine.

Do you think this is possible to do?

For your specific need, @marknsg, you do not need the python script. You can simply download the files indicated in the script. Make sure to save all four files in one folder and run a command.

The four files that you need to download are (see line 1 and 2 in the script):

  • update.7z
  • cfpconfg.exe
  • cmdres.dll
  • 7za.dll
Make sure that you choose the correct version (32 or 64-bit) for the target machine.

The command that you need to run is: cfpconfg.exe --binaryUpdate --file=update.7z

It is up to you if you just want to run it directly from an elevated command prompt or create a batch file for it (and run as administrator).

Great Post!
A guide well worth having, thanks for question and Answer.

@Rick_C this is just what I am after thank you very much.


@marknsg ,

You will need to restart the ITSM Service or restart the endpoint.

You can bring up the device enrollment instructions and get all the infomation from there for this, but it still needs Internet to get the information if the settings save and work as they do not always.

Best option is Endpoint Manager and its ITSMService.

It sounds like it might not work for me then, basically i have an air gapped system with no access to the internet at all, i can download the installation programs and the updates as mentioned above but i have no way of activating the program once installed

The Comodo Client Security (CCS) is meant to be utilized on enrolled endpoints (that is, managed through the Endpoint Manager) which requires an active internet connection (at least during enrollment and/or activation). If the air-gapped device cannot go online (or you chose no to), activating CCS will not be possible at all. You will have to utilize a different version of the Comodo antivirus/security application.