Update to latest CCS doesn't work on Windows Server 2012

My servers is not auto updating to the latest CCS and when I try to “force” it from the ITSM Update additional Comodo packages nothing happens.

I have to uninstall the old CCS and install CCS as a new installation and that is not so fun on a couple of servers…

Hmm… now I see that I have a folder named “COMODO Internet Security - Update” under “Program Files” and after a reboot, it did work… But I didn’t get up the notification to reboot.

That’s interesting because there have been times I have thought the same. Support any suggestions?

Hello @Noiden and @nct,

We have requested details or the possible cause why CCS update did not prompt a reboot hence based on the given situation by @Noiden, the reboot is needed. Thank you

@Samuel_C Any update on this?