Any new news for EDR?

You can login to your Comodo Dragon Platform for MSPs and use EDR

Yup I’m using it, I’m just curious if their was any future update to the EDR technology.

There is a new release with more capabilities scheduled for this upcoming week.

We also updated the OpenEDR source code and removed the “third party hooks” and created our own hooks so that hooking part is now also open…

So yes…some good things coming…:slight_smile:

@melih sounds good!

do you use SOCaaP?
if not why not?

We’re not on SOCaaP, it was released right after migrating back to Comodo. Honestly, the support we received from the Comodo C1 and NOC team is awesome, back then Itarian support was lacking.

good to hear about Comodo support.
FYI: SOCaaP is a Comodo product, so you would have engaged with the Comodo support team for SOCaaP support as well.

SOCaaP is a full blown Cybersecurity Platform to turn any MSP into MSSP …its a Comodo product that comes with integrated into ITarian and Connectwise

Sounds good I will look into it more this week.