Updated Apps


I’m curious whats the avg. time it takes for the 3rd party apps to be updated in spm directory.


@dwalk1 ,

If you are pertaining to applications installed on the devices then minimal time is 5-7 minutes (when you hit the “Update Software Inventory”) , but if you are pertaining about new version of the applications, on this instance, there is no exact time.

So the patch management of 3rd party apps, theoretically, could take months for a new version to be updated since it depends on when someone updates the software on patchportal?

@dwalk1 ,

Not necessarily, Our Portal provides monthly releases including functionality releases and resolutions for reported issues that MSPs might have encountered. We also provide an update in regards to the supported applications we update from the portal. Should you have an application in mind please let us know.

Thank you.

@dwalk1 You are very much welcome. For other queries, you can also send us an email @ c1-support@comodo.com so we can attend to your concern immediately.