Updating Last Known Location fails

Hi, trying to update the last known location from some units and get this error: “Could not acquire new coordinates”
The position is updated now and then but always automatically. So, sometimes when i look there the Date is right now (or 5 minutes ago), but i get the error message if i try to update manually.
Not important but just to let you know.

Hello @exa ,

Thank you for sharing this finding. We will try to replicate your issue and give you an update on this matter. We appreciate your time in having this reported.

I also have problems with this feature, despite clicking on “Update” the coordinates of the android device are not updated with the new location, which instead appears if I use google’s native location feature.

Hi @datalink

We are in the process at the moment of re-writing our MDM part for Android as Google have retired and updated lots of the APIs we use currently.

The re-write should solve your issues moving forwards.

Unfortunately at the moment, we do not have an ETA for the release of the new Android functions.