Upload items in Quarantine list to Valkyrie from C1

We can actually only see those items an Rate them, but not upload to Valkyrie.
It would be useful if we can upload those items direct from C1 to Valkyrie and and have the results sent to our Notification center in C1.
With those results we can more efficiently rate those files and we don´t have to remote access the client PC to upload from CCS manually. That makes things easier / faster and without disturbing the client´s workflow.

Hello @exa,

Good day. We do have an option to automatically submit unknown files via Valkyrie. By this settings/option, there is no need to manually submit the files. You may access the profile associated with the device > Valkyrie Tab > Submit metadata should be enabled (please see image for further details) . If this option is enabled, when you access the ITSM > Security Subsystem>Containment, you will see an option at the uppermost part “Download Valkyrie Report and Check Valkyrie Details” . You may use this report to for rating the item.

For additional information, you may refer to the guide link below


Thank you and please let us know if this setting works for you.