URGENT Comodo/Itarian Update killed VPN on all laptops.

This last update has caused a major emergency. I’ve had this happen once before with the AES breaking Avaya IP Offfice phone manager rendering that application unable to reach the control unit on the network. Now I am flooded with calls because it has broken the Cisco AnyConnect VPN adapter and renders the application unable to connect. I need answers and resolution fast on this.

@MTekhna ,

Our Support Team has contacted you via support email to channel your concern immediately. Please check your inbox at your convenience.

Hi @MTekhna ,

If you have the latest version of Comodo Client Security installed on your endpoints, it can be the reason for these issues. Our team has noticed that the latest CCS version caused some network issues on endpoints. Then, we initiated the rollback of CCS on Endpoint Manager immediately. You can find the details in this post: https://forum.itarian.com/forum/prod…y-v11-2-0-7313

If the agents on your endpoints have been updated to the latest version and then your customers started to experience these problems, I suggest you to downgrade them and check the environment. You can follow the steps in this wiki


Hi @Can

Can you confirm if you can deploy an older version on a newer version to roll it back; or d we still have to uninstall, reboot and re-install?

This is 100% the latest V11.2.0.7313 causing this.
As a quick fix we deployed a no-firewall profile and stopped further upgrades using the wiki provided by @Can

Hi @StrobeTech ,

Unfortunately, you have to uninstall the latest version and make a clean install.


@StrobeTech Uninstall Comodo Client Security and then push an install from the console seems to be the only way.

We have never got V10 or greater to uninstall correctly, only way is removal tool.
Really old bug unfortunately meaning issues like this is a major pain!