URL Monitor

What’s up with the URL monitor? Why is there no “Not Contains” only “Contains”. Typically most URL monitors know what should be on the page and alert when what is expected is no longer there.

The Web Monitor will check the content on a web page. This content may change daily, and cannot be already known (for example in a news URL).
The Policy will be triggered if a specified content is found in a URL.
For example, if on ‘http://best-news-website’ , the Content ‘new software released’ is found, then the alert is triggered.

Will there be any plans to ad the reverse? Like I have a website which would always have success on the page and I want an alert when the machine does not see success. This would allow me to monitor a website and let me know when site goes down or experiences an error (500 page or 403 page). Another option would be to monitor a specific response code like 200 or 301 response code would be helpful.

Hello @dagint ,

I have forwarded this as a new feature request to the appropriate department.