Use one CMD installer for all customers?

Is it possible to use one CDM installer for my entire fleet of customers? I have customers in different parts of the world, all with varying level of technical abilities. I would like to create one installer and upload it to our company server and have all the users download from there. I don’t want to create a new ‘user’ for each CDM as they will not be using the portal. Is this possible? I ask because I notice in the download link a ‘token’ embedded in the link and I am wondering if there is a different token for every device.


Hello @pcdoctoronline ,

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To answer your question, yes you can use the same download for all the users. There is token because that installer is associated with the user that you are logged in at that moment.


You can’t easily change the assigned ‘owner’ once you have installed from the same token. I am still waiting on Comodo to update their software, supposedly the June release will include this capability. It’s apparently technically possible with command line args, but it’s actually easier to just uninstall and reinstall with a token for the correct user. You could be up for a lot of leg work if you just blanket all clients with the same owner token, especially down the line as more apps are integrated into comodo one and you find all your clients under a single shared ‘customer’ on the front end.


Hello @deznik ,

The ability to change the owner of a device has already been implemented into ITSM. Once you get to the Devices List, you should see a “Change Owner” option on the tabs above the devices, please check the help link:
Considering that the Owner/User is part of a Company, that means that the Device’s Company will also change accordingly.