User prompted to apply updates and reboot, but caught in a cycle after reboot

I deployed the C1 client to a company with 12 computers successfully, however, as I push the Comodo Client - Security, at least with the two units I’ve done so far, the user gets the Windows prompt to reboot to apply updates:

Windows Update
Restart your computer to finish installing important updates
Windows can’t update important files and services while the system is using them. Make sure to save your files before restarting.
Remind me in: [10 minutes]
[Restart now] [Postpone]

However, restart and Postpone do the same thing and the message reappears within a few minutes of a restart.

Ideas? Patches to apply? Scripts to clean this up? Do I need to remove Comodo Client - Security?

Hello @burgoyne
Once you enroll a Windows endpoint in ITSM, the control as to when Windows Update applies the updates is passed to the ITSM Patch Management (PM). Or ultimately, to you, the MSP.

You can manually push the updates through PM on the affected endpoints at your preferred time. Or put it on a schedule if you would prefer it that way. Once all updates have been installed, the Windows Update notification will go away.

Sound more like a windows update problem than a CCS issue. FYI the ITSM agent controls things like patch mgmt so removing CCS won’t help.


@burgoyne , we will continue investigating the case via email. Support team will get in touch with you shortly.

@dittoit , thanks for your opinion, we appreciate it.


Did you try to restart the machine manually? It might help to broke the cycle as well.


The manual reboot didn’t solve it. I was wondering if the cycle gets broken and the updates are applied if that wouldn’t fix it. I do have a ticket open from support I’ll reply to… thanks!

(I turned off updates on the three systems with this issue until I got back from vacation :o )

@burgoyne ,

We have sent a couple of emails coming from Support Team to investigate your issue. Please do reply at your convenient time for some details we’ve asked that will be used to investigate its root cause