User Roles and Permissions

I was looking through the roles and permissions section, what I am trying to figure out, is if I can assign a user to only be able to have remote access to just one computer, or maybe just a few systems?? I plan to dig deeper, but I had a potential client ask if they would be able to use my remote software to log into a system at the office. I did not really see a straight forward way to achieve this, but did not have much time to trial and error it out.

OK, great, that’s the info I was looking for.

Any joy on this feature?

My Situation is: I will be freelancing with a company that already has an in house IT team. I will be installing the Comodo agent on all servers/desktops but I also want the company technicians to be able to log in to Comodo One and only view their company, devices and perform remote control. I do not want them looking at any other clients I may have in the device management tree.

The role section looks good, but doesn’t appear to be granular enough for me to be able to complete this task. I just need a client drop down box that lets me select the company tree in question.

Anyone have any better ideas? or have I missed the point?

All the best,

Hello @mysmit
I’m pleased to inform you that this feature is scheduled be implemented by the end of Q2 2017.

Happy days. Nice one thanks!