Users connecting to public hotspots

I have a couple of users who have the Dome agent installed who visit tech shows. When offsite, they frequently need to connect to public internet connections that require the user to be routed to an internal web page first. As the agent uses Comodo DNS, the webpages end up not being available for the users to register / logon to these wifi hotspots. This is causing some issues with my users and some backlash of the system that i would like to resolve rather than remove…

Any fixes that can be incorporated for this (such as using the DHCP provided DNS servers for local connections only)

Hello @curatrix_pl,

We appreciate that you let us know about this issue on the roaming agent connecting to some public hotspot. Since public hotspot that routed to internal web page work via alternative DNS, this will affect the roaming agent installed. It is in our roadmap to resolve this, for the time being, the solution is to disable the agent until the connection is established. Thank you

Thanks Samuel for the response.

The issue is how to provide users with the ability to ‘disable until the connection is established’ without them having ability to do this when they encounter a ‘blocked page’.

Hi @curatrix_pl,

Since system admin is the only one who can disable a roaming agent, an alternate resolution is to disable remotely.