Using Comodo Remote Control in safe mode 

Good day to all , i wanted to ask if it is possible to use Comodo Remote Control in safe mode , i don´t know if its possible for now but if it isn`t, if there is a way to use it in windows to access the endpoints in safe mode does anyone knows ? thank you!

Hi @duarte236 , I’ve requested this previously, so would hope it is on the wish list.

Yeah it would be very helpfull in same cases i hoppe that Comodo implements this .

@duarte236 ,

We apologize, as of the moment, it is not possible since safe mode restricts most services from starting up automatically. Our Developers are still working on this kind of functionality under our Long Term Roadmap Timeline. We will keep you lopped in to keep you informed once a narrower timeline has been announced.

Hello everyone!

Thank you very much for your inputs! And yes, we have support of Safe mode on the roadmap.

One correction regarding the timeline is - This functionality along the reboot options on Remote Control is expected to be delivered within the Short Term.

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Remote Control

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Hi @Rickkee
‘Short-term’ means a 3-6 months time period. Double-checking the feature request ticket for this forum post, the priority for this feature has been changed and is currently listed under the long-term (12+ months) implementation timeline. Mind you that almost all the time any feature relegated to ‘long-term’ is usually temporary so that the product development team can focus on the really important features / improvements.

EDIT: Thank you for the link you shared above. I am of the same mind as stated by the author on the last paragraph of the linked article.

I’d caution against whitelisting too much as it kind of defeats the purpose of safe mode, though in certain situations as a quick hack it can [be] useful. It may also be something worth checking the next time you’re dealing with a particularly nasty malware infection. I haven’t seen anything which exploits it yet, but I imagine something does.

The registry change can be accomplished through a script but this is definitely at the discretion of the MSP.

Would be a nice feature but all MSPs should have a 2nd remote system, I’d recommend Splashtop due to price and abilities just in case.