Using custom variables in custom forms

Apologies if this has been mentioned before. I have created a new custom form called “New User Request” which asks the requester for information needed to create a new user successfully. In a canned response I will like to use the info as confirmation all details are correct. In the fields for example, I have a field called Employee Number, the variable I put EmployeeNumber - is it possible to use this variable in an email template or canned response? If so, how? According to the tip, if I put “model” as the variable I could use %{model} in a canned response… I have obviously tried this but was unsuccessful…

It suddenly clicked… I have worked it out, thank you…

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Are you trying to access and do from the c1 app in your iOS devices? If yes then click over there on the app and it will work fine if iOS version over 10.

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Hey, @xovolarjem thanks I fetched it from the app in my iOS device and it worked perfectly fine so far via the app.

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